Why Rent from Us
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Water Tower Realty Management (WTRM)

Offering Quality Residential and Commercial Properties For Rent.

What makes us different?

Over 50 years of experience. We treat you like family!
Family operated
WTRM manages over 2,000 apartments and 300,000 SF of commercial space
Clients include Apple Music (Michigan Ave flagship store)

Outstanding Service. We go the extra mile for our clients and it shows!
Our staff is compensated based on customer satisfaction surveys
75 percent+ of our tenants renew their leases each year
We return all calls and emails the next business day
Call center and on-site staff available 24x7 for emergency calls
All repairs promised and documented in lease file

We Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home at a Good Price. No kidding!
WTRM surveys rental market and minimizes costs to keep rents competitive
Our in-house team of tradesmen handles all aspects of remodeling
We employ interior decorators to select colors and finishes


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